11 Beyond (reprise)

Length: 4:36

Written by: Rich Thorne & Omar Avila


Beyond was mine and Omar's second ever track, originally made in 2003, then revamped in 2004 and again in 2005, before eventually finding its way onto Equilibrium Records in 2006, remaining the only 12 vinyl release I've ever had my name on. It became a pretty well known tune amongst the MPFS online community we were part of and got played once at one of their official club nights, to a massive reaction from everyone. It felt like one of the best moments of my life.

Even though I wanted this album to consist purely of original material it would have felt utterly wrong if I didn't include this somehow, so set about stripping it down to its bare bones to serve as a chilled out finishing track. I've said in the past I'd want the tune played at my funeral, although up until this version I don't know quite how well that would have gone down (clip of original here).

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