10 Amen Arnhem

Length: 8:41

Written by: Rich Thorne


Whereas Never Meant to Be started life as club-trance but ended up chilled out, this has rather taken the opposite direction, starting out way back around 2004 and evolving from loungey downtempo right up to the peaktime stormer it is now. I suppose if there was an 'odd track out' to be picked then this would probably be it, as it was the only one that I envisioned working in a club/arena context at the hands of a big-name DJ, with a tough beat, big-room sounds and fairly standardised structure. In honesty it represents a style I'm trying to move away from but it felt right to include it at this point, especially given its history and because it was written solely by me unlike all the other big Terrafusion 'anthems' Omar was involved in. As a result I think it works nicely as a climax.

The name is an homage to Tiesto's classic 'In Concert' nights from 2003-2004 which sparked a rejuvenated love of trance that has lasted to this present day. The final incarnation of the track was heavily inspired by the kind of stuff he would play deep into his marathon all-night arena sets, which were responsible for some of the most amazing clubbing experiences I've ever had. It's such a shame he has taken a more commercial / pop / self-whoring route in recent times as at his peak, no other DJ came close. Fact.

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