09 Resonance Cascade

Length: 10:54

Written by: Rich Thorne


Any fans of M.I.K.E. can surely spot the influences here. It actually started life as a remix of Plastic Boy's 'Silverbath' before I ended up reworking the melody into my own... It was then left rotting away for years before I picked it up again for this project, and set about making it somewhat of a slow-burning epic. It's pretty dark and contains some fairly intense sounds, and even some dirty dubstep-inspired moments in the middle... something I'd love to hear more trance producers experiment with.

The name is another gaming reference; the Resonance Cascade, also referred to as 'the Black Mesa incident', was what kick-started the Half-Life saga (more info here) and spawned a series of legendary games that captured my imagination like no other. I'm not sure whether the background image was supposed to represent City 17 but it looks hella like it!

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