08 Never Meant to Be

Length: 5:59

Written by: Rich Thorne


This one actually started life as a peaktime trancer in 2008. It was the last failed submission to Discover Recordings and I eventually canned it after not being able to settle on a lead sound I was happy with. The string work was some of the best I'd ever come up with and I just wasn't able to do it justice, so giving it a new lease of life as a chillout number seemed the natural solution. Several people I previewed the album to picked it out as their favourite track and one even said “Its actually a stunningly produced piece of  music which would fit perfectly in a film score”, so I guess the decision paid off. :-)

The name has everything to do with the person whose initials I named the album after... Incidentally also the most amazing person I have ever met.

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