07 Reasonstainment

Length: 6:42

Written by: Rich Thorne & Omar Avila


I've always wanted to get into making breaks; this was my first real attempt at a full track. It's perhaps not *pure* breaks and is a little rough round the edges but I'm happy with how it turned out. It's a style I'd like to explore a little more in the future. Melody-wise it was a case of starting with something really simple and coming up with as many string variants as possible to build it into a proper theme... The piano was a very late edition but has gone on to become the most important part for me.

The name is a made up word I came up with whilst rather battered at Global Gathering last year; at the time it seemed to click as a perfect term to sum up the night. I distinctly remembering telling a mate of mine I'm going to name a track on my album this! and this was the only untitled one left... In honesty the true meaning faded soon after sobriety came around but as I loosely remember it, an example syntax was This night has reached a perfect level of reasonstainment for me and I think it related to how my thoughts, reactions and emotions had all become channelled into one happy medium, where I was consciously aware of my surroundings and had a firm grasp on reality yet was unable to process negative thoughts. It was a fun night. :P

[Image by KyuubiWarrior]