06 Forge City

Length: 9:30

Written by: Rich Thorne & Omar Avila


This is the second of the two main 'Terrafusionish' tracks, although takes a much darker path to The Fifth... like the Yin to its Yang. It takes a few mildly psychedelic influences on board and fuses them with a ton of effects hits, breakbeat elements and a good old-fashioned hands-in-air melody. The breakbeat is what mostly sets it apart from my other stuff in this vein; I made a point of giving it a proper start, middle and end to make it work better outside of a DJ-set context.

'Forge City' is a fictional setting from the Nehahra Project, an unofficial add-on project for Id Software's classic game 'Quake'. Nehahra pretty much completes what Id started in terms of creating a fully fledged story and world in which the game's events take place, and has been a huge inspiration for much of the level design stuff I've done over the years; my main creative hobby besides producing.

[Image by Tigaer]