05 The Fifth

Length: 8:03

Written by: Rich Thorne & Omar Avila


I guess this, along with Forge City, best represents the peaktime club-orientated sound that lay much of the foundation to my producing style. This one is bold, energetic and pretty euphoric if I had to pinpoint a main influence I would say Nu-NRG although in fitting with the nature of the album I tried to put just as much emphasis on the production subtleties and the atmospheric backing as I did the prominent stuff. Omar is responsible for both the main riffs but the key-change late on is my creation, and one I'm immensely happy with :-)

The name has nothing to do with the track number; that was purely coincidental. It came about purely as a result of my fascination with the Fifth Dimension concept and the many theories behind it, even if I struggle to understand them most of the time. It's a fascination that has also formed the basis of a fictional story I've long written the premise to and want to develop into a book at some point in the future, where the main character finds himself trying to resolve conflicts between two worlds connected via the Fifth Dimension... It's worth reading up on if you're a fan of reality-bending concepts like that.

[Image by Saiyan]