04 Far From Earth

Length: 7:21

Written by: Rich Thorne & Omar Avila


This is my favourite track on the album. I think... It's between this and The Fifth. My jaw pretty much hit the floor when Omar first sent me the melody and I found there was so much I could do to develop it into a full theme. I almost deliberately didn't focus on making it DJ-friendly as I found it such an eminently listenable tune that didn't need to be validated in any way by being featured in a set. It pretty much epitomises what the word 'uplifting' means to me.

The name actually came during the track's finishing stages as there was a certain vibe to it that reminded me of the Magik 3 compilation of the same name, which I've always loved. It also served as an indirect homage to a certain other 'Far From...' in the shape of Chicane's debut long-player, which remains my number one artist album to this date as well as one of the main inspirations behind me putting this one together.

[Image by Anda Bereezky]