03 Twilight Premonition

Length: 7:24

Written by: Rich Thorne & Omar Avila


This was arguably the tune that first kicked this album into motion; I'd had a basic kick/bass/melody loop down for ages prior to starting the album but it never fitted with anything I was coming out with at the time. It fitted my ideas for the album perfectly however and I went about developing it with a touch of inspiration from old Chicane material. It's what I'd class as warm-up trance, not really prog but mellow and atmospheric.

It also has nothing to do with the Twilight saga... The name's origin has no roots outside my own imagination but loosely put, it was the name I once came up with for an idea of a clubbing documentary focusing on the relationship between music, psychoactivity and night-time culture. I had it pretty well thought out but never ended up pursuing media in the end...

[Image by Burning Liquid]