00 Lost Jaded Justice (full album)

Length: 74:39


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There were a number of reasons behind this album's inception.

First and foremost I had loads of spare melodies lying around I wanted to put to good use!

Secondly, I'd always wanted to make an album. In an ambition kind of way. Not one cobbled together from previous unreleased and re-edited tunes but a full original LP with every track produced and finalised simultaneously (not literally simultaneously obviously as I don't have 11 computers and am not Superman, but in the same time frame). It's a big personal achievement for me and given my passion for music, one of the better things I've done with my life.

Thirdly, out of general disillusionment with the mainstream trance scene and my attempts to break into it. I actually signed to Discover Recordings in late 2007 and could have feasibly followed the likes of o'Callaghan, Tyas and Colontonio into relative DJ/producer notoriety, but couldn't maintain that tough, hard, dancefloor-orientated sound without sacrificing my creative desire and musical ethos. After having a bunch of tracks turned down I requested a contract termination and lost interest in producing for most of 2008, save for doing a couple of remixes for friends.

After a wholly shit 2008 in general I wanted to take a fresh perspective on many things the following year, including producing. I didn't want to continue knocking out generic set-fillers or worrying whether any big-name DJs would actually play them. I wanted to focus on the musical side more, fusing melodies and atmospheres amidst layers of evolving sounds, with strung-out intros/outros and intertwining downtempo and breaksy moments; taking the listener on a journey and invoking some kind of emotional reaction. Something that would actually be remembered for more than a couple of months.

Fast forward 8 months and Lost Jaded Justice was complete. That was over 8 months ago itself at this time of writing and I am still more than happy with it; I wouldn't change a thing.

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Makeshift CD covers: 1, 2. Additional release notes with thanks here.

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