terrafusion - lost jaded justice.

This is my first album. I started work on it in or around March 2009 and finished later that year in November; all tracks were made from scratch (and miscellaneous bits and melodies I had lying around from Omar). I haven't been able to find an official home for it, so this page will have to do. Also available on YouTube.

Use the player below for streaming, or alternatively, download links & track info can be found over there →
00 Lost Jaded Justice (full album) (74:39)
01 In Memory Of (2:19)
02 Cellar Door (5:30)
03 Twilight Premonition (7:24)
04 Far From Earth (7:21)
05 The Fifth (8:03)
06 Forge City (9:30)
07 Reasonstainment (6:52)
08 Never Meant to Be (5:59)
09 Resonance Cascade (10:54)
10 Amen Arnhem (8:41)
11 Beyond (reprise) (4:36)

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