This is a homepage created for the musical output of Rich Thorne, aka RJ Thorne (mix sessions), Isoterra (tracks) and Terrafusion (tracks, mostly in collaboration with Omar Avila). Pretty much all the music on here is trance related, so if that doesn't appeal to you then there probably won't be much here for you.

It's not updated very often, especially since I am more into game development these days and have hugely curtailed my listening of trance in recent years in favour of other styles, but it will remain online for the foreseeable future as an archive.


Update: 15 April 2012

Another new site design, because (a) the old one sucked donkey balls and (b) I've been learning CSS and PHP and wanted to put them to use on something.

The background image is by Burning Liquid. I've modified it, and used it without his permission. I did ask for permission to use another of his images for my album cover a while back but never received an answer, so I assume he isn't bothered about that kind of thing. If I'm wrong then I'm sure he can work out how to contact me =)


Update: 19 October 2011

Small update - included an 'Album' link on the navigation bar and uploaded my 2010 yearmix on the mixes page.


Update: 20 November 2010

I've added a section for my 'Escapism' radio mixes, so that's tens of hours more music to download :-)

Update: 19 November 2010

Uploaded a new tune. Well when I say new, it's nearly three years old, but new to most people. Check out the 'Tunes' link above. I've also updated the mixes with my 2009 Yearmix, another one horribly overdue since I actually completed it back in January. But please give it a listen if you haven't already - 4.5 hours of what made last year special for me.

I want to give this place a redesign. Hopefully soon.

Update: 01 September 2010

Three updates in 19 months - welcome to the veritable hive of activity that is Isoterra Music!

I've decided to release the below-mentioned album for free at various online musical outlets, primarily an official website on this subdomain but also on YouTube and Jamendo. So go nuts :)


Update: 30 December 2009

Small little update with a couple of treats. Terrafusion - December 19th has been added to the tunes page, and All Time (part 3) to the mixes page.

Next year I'll be adding an archive of radio show mixes to this site; bi-monthly 2-hour long sessions for Sense.FM featuring a host of upfront prog & trance. Also look out for a preview of the Terrafusion artist album I've recently finished entitled Lost Jaded Justice.

Until then, happy New Year :D

Update: 19 February 2009

I do believe, after over two and a half years, I have finally bothered finishing this website :-)

It's nothing extensive, just a little home for me to showcase some of my musical output. Feel free to browse around and take what you want from the 'DJ Mixes' and 'Free Tunes' sections!

I guess I'll update this bit as and when needed.